19 Pull-up Variations for BJJ & Submission Grappling

In previously newsletters I’ve sung the praises of the pull-up. Grappling is much more about pulling than it is about pushing – using your arms to maintain the over and under grip in rearmount, tightening up the rear naked choke, bodylocking an opponent, or hugging someone’s leg when applying the kneebar are all examples of pulling. Pull-up training makes your pulling movements (and your isometric holds) much stronger.

So check out the new Youtube video I finished editing last night. It features 19 variations to challenge your upper body pulling and gripping muscles.

Click here to see the same 19 Pull-up video on YouTube!

For your reference, here is a list of the exercises I show:

  1. Standard Pull-ups
  2. Standard Chin-ups
  3. Parallel Grip Chin-ups
  4. Wide Grip Pull-ups
  5. Triangle Pull-ups
  6. Alternating Chin-ups
  7. Towel Grip Chin-ups
  8. Gi Grip Chin-ups
  9. Bodylock Pull-ups
  10. Short Choke Pull-ups
  11. Crunched Pull-ups
  12. Upside Down Pull-ups
  13. Weighted Pull-ups (weightbelt)
  14. Weighted Chin-ups (medicine ball)
  15. Weighted Chin-ups (weight between knees)
  16. Reclined Pull-ups
  17. Reclined Rope Pull-ups
  18. Plyometric Reclined Pull-ups
  19. Weighted Chin-up (heavy bag)

I filmed this video in a 40 minute span and was getting tired by the end – I wonder why? My lats were also pretty sore for the next few days, a pleasant and ever-present reminder that my body was recovering and getting stronger.

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