Submission Grappling Choke


The arm drag from butterfly guard to the back is a tried-and-true technique that has ended many matches in submission grappling and BJJ.  Here’s how to do it…

Stephan controls his opponent  with the butterfly guard.
He grips his opponent’s triceps with his right hand…
… and pulls him forward while simultaneously moving his own body to the left. His opponent is now off balance.
Stephan quickly starts to come to the top, gripping the far armpit with his left arm.
He now climbs into the rear mount position and snakes his right arm around his opponent’s throat.
His opponent falls onto his side, but Stephan controls him with his legs while applying a very powerful choke (known as a ‘rear naked choke’).
This is one of several techniques illustrating the differences between Classical Japanese Ju-Jutsu and modern grappling from the article ‘Submission Grappling Vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu; When Cultures and Concepts Collide.’

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