Tips for Female Grapplers


Recently I’ve received a flood of emails from women and smaller men, wanting to know how to deal with larger, stronger opponents.

The thing is that – at 200+ lbs myself – I’m NOT the best person to address these questions.

Of course I’ve had to deal with a few huge steroid monsters who outweighed me by 100+ lbs, but those were the exception, not the rule.

One of my solutions was to draft the ever-eloquent grappler Krista Scott-Dixon from Weighing in at a massive 113 lbs Krista deals with larger stronger opponents almost every time she steps onto the mat. And to figure out how to survive and thrive on the mats despite this inequality she’s picked the brains of some of the best smaller grapplers in the business!

Over the last couple of days Krista has put together a really good piece called Tips for Female Grapplers for you.

It’s got tips, techniques, principles and lots of practical advice for the smaller grapplers among us. I really enjoyed it, and I’m sure you will too!


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