How To Sweep A Larger Opponent

Sweeping a larger opponent

I’ve recently featured a fair bit of content from various guest authors.  And that’s a good thing, because different perspectives are critical to your improvement; after all, no single person can show you everything you need to know about grappling.

Today’s contributor is Jennifer Weintz, a skilled brown belt who has won gold at the Pan Ams twice and also medalled at the Mundials (the BJJ world championships).

In this video she shares her two favorite sweeps to use on bigger, stronger opponents.  (I should mention that I’ve also used these sweeps successfully on smaller, weaker opponents, so they’re definitely multipurpose techniques that should be in your arsenal if you’re doing BJJ).

You can view the same Sweep A Larger Opponent video on YouTube by clicking here!

P.S.  While we’re talking about fighting larger opponents check out the 5 DVD set I filmed with 3 x World Champion Emily Kwok. It’s full of techniques, drills, strategies, and tips to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent.   I’m clearly biased but I think it’s really good!




  1. DavyP, from Virginny says

    Greetings from the Southeast USA!

    Down here, I’ve heard folks call the first sweep shown the “push sweep” and the second sweep shown the “sickle sweep.”

    Do y’all have the same names for these sweeps up there in Canadia?
    And folks from other parts of the world, what names do y’all have for these sweeps?

  2. Con says

    Very appreciative of this video being uploaded. Only recently started to look into Jits, so seeing a female of a similar build to mine is good. Means so long as I keep at it, with time, I could possibly be successful in training. lol.

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