Straight From Brazil: A Deep Half Guard Sweep


This technique is being demonstrated by Oscar Daniotti, a BJJ black belt under Ricardo de la Riva in Brazil. He is the chief editor Faixa Preta Digital, an online BJJ magazine available in both English and Portugese.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 1

1: Oscar (on the bottom) starts in standard half guard.

Deep Half Guard 2

2: He inserts his left instep under the top man’s knee. (He now has one leg above and one leg below his opponent’s leg, sandwiching it securely). Stephan’s Note: this style of the deep half guard – using the front instep hook under the leg – is popular at the de la Riva academy in Brazil.

Deep Half Guard 3

3: Oscar fishes for the top man’s lapel…

Deep Half Guard Sweep 4

4: …stretches it out with his left hand…

Deep Half Guard Sweep 5

5: …passing it to his right hand which goes between the top man’s legs.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 6

6: Same Position, Alternate View. Note the leg position (left instep hook) and how the lapel wraps and traps the top man’s leg.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 7

7: Oscar now lifts with both feet, using the lapel to keep his opponent’s leg from escaping.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 88: At the same time he reaches up and grips his opponent’s sleeve.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 9

9: Because of the elevated leg and the grips, Oscar can now spin UNDER his opponent’s leg.

Deep Half Guard Sweep 1010: Once he gets his head and upper body out the sweep is almost finished (it’s really tough for the top guy to scramble clear because of the lapel wrap on the leg).

Deep Half Guard Sweep 1111: Oscar turns towards his opponent and drives him flat to secure the top position.

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