BJJ Beginner Tips Interview and Podcast

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In this Grapplearts interview I talk to BJJ Black Belt Ritchie Yip, focusing on tips that BJJ beginners need to know.  But sometimes the conversation goes a little off track!

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BJJ-related material covered in this discussion includes:

  • Danger signs when checking out a new school
  • Whether beginners should in their own class or mixed in with more advanced people
  • How to avoid situations where you’re just going to get maliciously rag dolled by senior students
  • How instructors can teach a class of differing levels
  • What the the only real spiritual benefits of martial arts training is
  • How to tell if a martial arts school is run by a complete A-hole
  • Why training with black belts only is a huge mistake
  • What happens when people interested in taking a kickboxing class end up in the jiu-jitsu class by mistake…
  • Why learning jiu-jitsu is much harder than learning boxing, and how not to get discouraged during that learning process
  • The most insane idea Stephan has ever had for making a training dummy
  • And much more…

For more information about Ritchie Yip (and his Vancouver and Burnaby-based schools) check out

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