3 Ways to Get a Really Heavy Kneemount

A heavy kneemount

When I started doing BJJ the kneemount position kind of confused me…

I knew that it was considered to be a good position, and I knew it led to a bunch of submission options, but still, it never really ‘clicked’ for me.  I’d get to the kneemount and wait for those golden submission opportunities that I’d been promised.
And wait… 

And wait…

Nothing happened until someone explained to me that the kneemount is all about PRESSURE! Pressure so bad that he does stupid things to get you off of him.  Pressure so bad that your opponent can’t breathe. Pressure that makes him tap out before you ever even get to the submission.

After that ‘Aha!’ moment, the position really took off for me.  From then on if I had someone in sidemount and they went ultra-defensive on me – Boom – I’d use the kneemount to get things moving again.

Plus it’s a nice way to rack up a few extra points in competition too!

But a lot of people do the kneemount completely wrong. I too initially made many of the very same mistakes. These mistakes result in zero pressure on your opponent and a whole lot of frustration for you.

That’s why I put a short video onto Youtube explaining the Three Most Common Mistakes in the Knee Mount… And How to Fix Them!

Check it out on my Youtube Channel at the link above, or watch it on the video below..  Apologize to your training partners for me – their world is about to get a whole lot squishier!

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