40th Birthday, UFC 100 and GrappleCamp 2009

To celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday I’m organizing and hosting a great big grappling get-together. Grapplecamp will be in Vancouver BC on Saturday July 11th and Sunday July 12th.

At this event I’ll be sharing ton of new material that’s been working really well for me. Butterfly Guard, X Guard, Half Guard, Kneebars, Omo Plata, Leglocks, etc. – a masterclass on the topics I’ve covered in my DVDs.


I’m also hosting an optional ‘pre-seminar’ on the evening of Friday July the 10th. At the pre-seminar I’ll be going over the fundamentals of the material for the weekend. The feedback from other pre-seminars is that they’re insanely useful, especially if you’re new to some of the material.

It’ll be free for anyone already registered for the seminar. Yup. No Cost. You’re welcome 🙂

UFC 100

After training on Saturday we’ll go on a group ‘field trip’ to a local restaurant to view UFC 100! I started watching the UFC back in the early 1990’s, so there’s no way I’m going to miss this historic MMA episode. And you’re invited to come along too!

Stephan’s Note:
This camp was indeed sold out, but the material I taught is still available as part of the DVD package you get in the Black Belt Concepts Course.  Check it out at www.grapplearts.tv

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