Counter vs. Opponent Catching your Kick

In MMA a sharp striker can sometimes counter a determined grappler.  But to do this they have to know how to mix their striking with standup wrestling, like in this technique!

White fakes with a left jab… Kick catch counter photo 1
…and follows up with a right round kick. Black catches the kick, but leaves his face exposed. Kick catch counter photo 2
White, his leg still caught, lands a powerful overhand right to the jaw Kick catch counter photo 3
Black still grips the leg: White puts his weight on Black and cups Black’s elbows with his hands (see insert) Kick catch counter photo 4
These grips provide White enough leverage to strip Black’s grip by forcefully driving his right leg back and to the ground. Kick catch counter photo 5
White switches to a Thai boxing clinch (the ‘Plumm’) and starts kneeing the head to finish the match. Kick catch counter photo 6
For more background on how MMA mixes striking, wrestling and the ground please read The MMA Formula, which is the parent article for this technique.

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