Marc Laimon, the Bad Boy of Jiu-jitsu*

Marc Laimon is ripping it up. On November 6th, 2004, he defeated Ryron Gracie in a superfight at Grappler’s Quest in Las Vegas. His school, which had been open for less than a year, placed first in the same competition. As if that wasn’t enough, he is also the grappling coach on the UFC reality TV show.

This interview was conducted on November 13th, 2004


Passing the Guard in MMA

by Denis Kang and Stephan Kesting
Originally published in Grappling Magazine, October 2005

Denis Kang knows all about passing the guard in mixed martial arts competition. He has fought in Japan and throughout North America, and has passed the guards of many good fighters, including Minoru Suzuki, Keith Rockel and Stephan Potvin. He knows that passing the guard is one of the hardest things to do in a fight (more…)

Chris Brennan's 10 Finger Guillotine

Chris Brennan: ten finger guillotine

Originally published in the December 2006 issue of Ultimate Grappling

The 10 finger guillotine is a curious technique. There has probably been more speculation about how to properly apply this guillotine than just about any other technique. It is the Loch Ness monster of grappling – everyone knows someone who has seen it, but nobody can even agree what it looks like.

You might have seen Chris Brennan fighting in Pride, KOTC, etc, attacking aggressively using the Kimura and armbar. He’s a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, a professional fighter and the head instructor at the Next Generation gym.

What you might NOT know is that he is a self-professed “10 finger guillotine freak”. (more…)