What is the Butterfly Guard?

The Butterfly Guard is one of my very favorite positions these days.

Regardless of whether you’re rolling with or without the gi, the Butterfly Guard keeps your opponent’s weight off of you, it gives you unparalleled mobility on the bottom, and it allows you to unleash blistering combinations of some of the most powerful sweeps and reversals in all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

But I wasn’t always on a friendly basis with the Butterfly Guard.  I knew that it was supposed to be an effective position and I wanted to add it to my arsenal, but it was a long and painful journey.  I really floundered at first, and I’m a little embarrassed about how long I was making rookie mistakes with this position.

In fact if I had known what I’m about to show you in this 1 minute and 41 second video then I figure it would have speeded up my progression with this position by at least one full year.

It’s simple stuff, but it works. Check it out:

Since I really like the Butterfly Guard I’ve got a ton more resources to help you get good at this position quickly…

Articles and techniques related to the Butterfly Guard on Grapplearts.com.

The highly reviewed Dynamic Guard Sweeps Volume 1, which concentrates on the Butterfly Guard and X Guard in great detail, including sweeps, submissions, counters, recounters, drills, and strategies.

The Grapplearts Guard Sweeps app in the iTunes store and/or the Grapplearts Guard Sweeps for Android which focuses on six different guard positions including the Butterfly Guard (Android version coming soon).

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