Sleepwalking Through Your Sparring

Back in my early teens, when I was infatuated with Kung Fu, I read a book purporting to describe about 50 supernatural abilities that Kung Fu masters could develop. Skills like levitation, or making your body impervious to weapons, or killing people with a poke of your fingertips… (more…)

Free Book About the Guard for Grapplearts Readers

Heres’s a really cool resource for you, something that I’ve received a TON of positive feedback on.  It’s a free, downloadable book that breaks down the many different variations of the Guard position with detailed descriptions and lots of pretty pictures!  And you can grab it super easily, for free… (more…)

Study Time

Today I want to talk about a very useful tool for intermediate and advanced-level grapplers.

The idea is to create study blocks where you focus on a single topic. During this time you basically take one aspect of grappling, and beat it to death with a large stick! (more…)