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This is the tenth app in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent series.

‘Strategies and Tactics for No Gi,’ covers the techniques, strategies, and tactics that work when the gi comes off and you enter into the world of no gi submission grappling.

Contrary to common belief, no gi isn’t all about strength and athleticism. Technique and strategy can definitely level the playing field, which is good news because it means that smaller, weaker grapplers CAN defeat bigger, stronger opponents.

BJJ black belt and world champion Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins competes at the highest level both in traditional BJJ and in no-gi competitions. He’s learned that two areas have their similarities, but also different enough so that people get confused, make major mistakes, and need guidance to really feel effective and efficient on the mat.

The Q&A based format of this app addresses the most common questions about modifying your BJJ game so it works both with and without the gi. It will help you become a far more effective no gi grappler and avoid many of the most common submission grappling mistakes.

Like the other apps in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent series, ‘Strategies & Tactics for No Gi’ is designed to give you the techniques and strategies that are especially effective against opponents who are much bigger, stronger, and more muscular than you.

You’ll also learn how to stay safe and avoid injury on the mats when rolling with heavier grapplers.


Brandon Mullins is a world champion BJJ black belt based out of Houston Texas. A very active competitor, Brandon has tested himself in well over 200 competition matches at BJJ, no-gi submission grappling, and Judo tournaments.

He has compiled a phenomenal record, both with and without the gi: he’s won gold medals at the Black Belt division at the No-Gi World Championships… And multiple gold medals in the Advanced division at Grappler’s Quest… And medals at the Mundials, the Pan-Ams, the US Open, and the Gracie World’s.

Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt, and a Combat Submission Wrestling instructor. He has been training in the striking, grappling, and weapons-oriented martial arts for over 30 years.

A master teacher, Stephan has helped thousands of grapplers improve their skills through his crystal-clear instructional apps, DVDs, online videos and articles at his flagship website


  • 1 hour and 15 minutes of filler-free instruction
  • Every technique, strategy and training drill is focused on allowing you to survive and thrive while grappling against opponents much larger than you on the mats
  • All the footage has been professionally filmed and edited for maximum ease of learning
  • The app includes complete menus for easy navigation
  • You can create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using our one-click ‘favourite’ feature
  • The same app plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don’t need to buy different versions for each type of device
  • The app is designed to download to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos
  • BONUS: ‘The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ book for free!


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1. Introduction
2. Transitioning From Gi to No-Gi
3. No-Gi Gripping Strategy
4. Gripping Details
5. Taking Advantage of Slipperiness
6. Taking the Back
7. Z Guard Offense and Defense
8. D’Arce, Anaconda and Guillotine Chokes
9. Arm Triangle Finishes
10. Training Outside of Class
11. Defending the Knee Cut / Margarida Pass No-Gi
12. Open Guard Offense
13. Finishing from North-South
14. Opening the Stubborn Closed Guard
15. Advice for New Competitors
16. Wrapup

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