High Percentage Leglocks

Master the leglocks that work!

Leglocks are proven submission techniques at the highest levels of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and mixed martial arts competition. There are countless examples of smaller, weaker, and less experienced competitors using a leglock to turn the tables and tap out their opponent.

Why then is it that many grapplers have a love-hate relationship with leglocks?

Many grapplers simply haven’t been taught how to properly set up and apply leglocks. Others know how to attack with a leglock, but are lost once their opponent counters the initial attack. Some fear of botching a leglock and ending up in a bad position, getting crushed by their opponent. Other grapplers are worried about injuries because they’ve never been shown how to train leglocks safely.

These are all valid concerns, but now there is a solution.

Stephan Kesting has trained with some of the best leglock experts in grappling, and has spent years developing and refining a system that solves the riddle of leglocks. Now, for the first time, he is sharing his entire high percentage leglock system on DVD, making you an expert in the most powerful leglocks in grappling.

On High Percentage Leglocks Stephan breaks each technique down into the HOW, WHERE, WHEN and WHY, and then builds it back up, putting it into a tactical and strategic context. Leglocks are often taught as a bunch of isolated techniques, without an overall strategy, but that is NOT the approach in High Percentage Leglocks. Stephan then shares the best leglock counters, and then shows you how to counter those counters so you can successfully submit an opponent who is doing everything he can to stop you. You will also learn how to safely train the most dangerous leglocks.

Stephan Kesting says: “I’m sick and tired of the bad leglock information being circulated on the internet, in classes and on instructional DVDs. If you don’t know how to do these leglocks properly you get hit with a double whammy: first of all they won’t work, and secondly they become dangerous, both to you and your training partners. I’ve put this DVD out to correct those mistakes and make leglocks much more effective and safer to practice!”

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Detailed Content of High Percentage Leglocks

This DVD is divided into three main sections, plus an additional bonus section. There is a LOT of material on the High Percentage Leglocks DVD: more than 100 techniques, drills and variations on a dual layer disk containing two and a half hours of instruction with no useless filler footage. You will use High Percentage Leglocks as a reference again and again.

Section 1 – Introduction and Principle (Preview here)

You can learn how to apply leglocks by trial and error, but that is a long and difficult process. Without proper mechanics and positioning you will often find yourself applying leglocks, straining as hard as you can, but unable to force your opponent to tap out. A strong structure requires a solid foundation, and this section ensures that your your leglocking fundamentals are correct and efficient.

Learn how to position your hands and arms to put a vice-like grip on your opponent’s foot. Discover how to use the power of your whole body to attack one of his joints. Find out what your legs should be doing, and why leg positioning is one of the most important aspects of successful leglocking technique. Learn what the mechanisms are which cause your opponent to submit. Small mistakes here can have big consequences, so make sure that your leglock technique is airtight!

Section 2 – Ankle Lock and Heel hook Entries (Preview here)

To master leglocks you need to know leglock counters AND recounters (the counters to the counters). This material is critical, both to prevent your opponent from leglocking you, and also to be able to anticipate and defeat any leglock counters your opponent might use to try to shut down your attack.

High Percentage Leglocks includes many recounters: for example, seven different methods are shown to deal with your opponent when he tries to block your leglock by standing up over top of you. Having more than one solution to an opponent’s counter technique is important because the correct solution for your situation depends on many factors: including whether you are responding to your opponent’s counter early or late, what the rules are, what your physical attributes are, and what kind of energy you are getting from your opponent.

Some additional material covered in this section includes one simple step to make your open guard 100% more leglock-proof, how and when to ‘bail out’ of leglock attempts gone bad, using your opponent’s escape attempts to put him in the worst leglock position possible, and the truth about some leglock ‘counters’ that don’t work very often.

Bonus Section: Toeholds (Preview here)

The bonus section on this DVD deals with the toehold, another of the ‘big four’ leglocks. Toeholds are one of the most versatile leglocks, and can be used to submit your opponent quickly from a great number of angles and positions.

Find out how to apply toeholds properly, what the common mistakes are, and what the best counters are should an opponent try to apply one on you. As with the rest of High Percentage Leglocks, multiple camera angles and extra footage are used to clarify the techniques taught.


The four most common, highest percentage leglocks are the straight ankle lock, the heel hook, the toehold and the kneebar. These are the ones you see over and over again in sparring and in competition. This DVD covers the straight ankle lock, heel hooks and toeholds (kneebars are covered in the acclaimed Dynamic Kneebars DVD).

There are many other leglocks in grappling, including shin locks, hip cranks, calf cutters, etc., but they tend to have a lower success rate than the ‘big four’ leglocks. Also, if you master ‘big four’ then you will have a base of leglocking knowledge which makes it easy to learn all of the other leglocks and leglock variations.


The vast majority of techniques shown on the High Percentage Leglocks DVD apply to both gi and no-gi grappling. There are only a few variations that are specifically geared towards the gi, but this is always made explicit and usually no-gi variations are shown.

Many Brazilian jiu-jitsu players will ask: “why should I learn heel hooks when they are illegal under BJJ competition rules?” Good question.

First there is always the chance that a BJJ newbie shows up at your club and, having learned about heel hooks in the UFC decides to try cranking your leg with one. Don’t you want to know how to counter it before he hurts your knee?.

Second, even if you are never going to use heel hooks in sparring or in jiu-jitsu competition they are very valuable in self defence situations: a heel hook can quickly and efficiently disable an opponent allowing you and your friends to escape to safety.

Third, the material on this DVD is organized so that ankle locks (legal in BJJ) and heel hooks (illegal) are interchangeable finishes to the same entry; very few changes are required to transition from one type of finish to the other. This structure allows you to easily learn both techniques, and then choose the variation that fits the rules of your situation.


In the 21st century leglocks are indispensible; it is impossible to be a well rounded grappler without them. Leglocks even the odds when you’re grappling someone bigger, stronger or more experienced than you. They allow you to apply submissions when your opponent is on the move and at his most vulnerable. Leglocks augment your game and make life hell for your toughest opponents forcing them to defend continuously as you pursue them with efficient and effective leglocking combinations.

Stephan Kesting Leglock Expert

If you’re going to learn leglocks, you should learn from an expert. Someone whose knowledge extends from the minute details that make a leglock 200% more effective, to the big picture of leglock strategy and tactics.

Stephan Kesting is a leglock expert. Stephan has learned from some of the best leglock pioneers in North America, and has taught leglock seminars to competitors hoping to develop secret weapons for the next tournament. His articles have appeared many times in Ultimate Grappling, Black Belt, and Ultimate Athlete magazines, including several ground-breaking articles on the correct execution of leglocks. He has also been interviewed on the topic of leglocks by the Fightworks Podcast (listen to, or download, that interview here).

DVD Features and Specifications

  • 2 & 1/2 hours (150 minutes) of solid instruction
  • Dual layer factory-replicated DVD, ensuring the highest quality of product
  • ‘Region-free’ DVD – will play in any country or region of the world
  • Professionally filmed, edited, authored and replicated
  • Multiple camera angles, competition and sparring footage

Full DVD Menus and Chapters

A set of 7 DVD menus and extensive chapter marks allow you to quickly access the exact section and/or techniques you need to improve your game.

Turbo charge your Leglock Game Today!

Review of High Percentage Leglocks DVD

“I have watched High Percentage Leglocks several times and the only word that comes to my mind is the word ‘ Masterpiece.’ I think this is Stephan’s finest work yet and is a treasure trove of valuable information that novices and experts alike will find extremely worthwhile.

Stephan talks in-depth on how to do Ankle Locks and Heel Hooks as well as, and more importantly, how to enter into them with the proper technique to finish. In the third volume Stephan gives the counters to these moves and then goes into how to recounter them once an opponent defends. Simply amazing! As an instructor I think these DVD’s are all one needs to effectively teach their class on world class leg locking techniques. He then ends his DVD’s with a bonus section on Toeholds which are incredibly sneaky and are worth the DVD’s value in and of itself.

I have seen numerous videos on Leg Locks from others in my 15 year career in BJJ and this set is by far the best material presented on this subject that I have seen. I wish I had a few negative comments to sprinkle in to make me seem more discerning but really this set is all a person needs to become highly proficient in their leg game.

If a student were to combine this video with Stephan’s previous Kneebar video then they would have all the proper tools to start their journey into becoming a leg lock master. I highly recommend this set when it is released and I wouldn’t let anyone else see it. Make them go get their own copy if they want it. Keep the secrets for yourself!”

Keith Owen


Keith Owen
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
Author of the “Favorite Moves” DVD Series



“Simply put, Stephan Kesting’s latest Instructional DVD, High Percentage Leg Locks, is the most comprehensive instructional pertaining to the subject that I have seen to date. Combine this with his previous leg lock venture, Dynamic Kneebars and you have enough information to keep you busy for years to come. The information within this volume is conveyed in the fantastically structured and detailed teaching style that Stephan has become known for in his instructional videos.

Instructors are often quick to tell you to do something a particular way, without ever explaining the “why” portion of the technique. In High Percentage Leg Locks every aspect of the subject material is covered, no detail is spared, and you will never be left wondering why you’re supposed to be applying a specific detail. This combined with top notch production, menu structure, and content make this one of Stephan Kesting’s greatest DVD productions to date!”

James Foster


James Foster
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
Active BJJ and submission grappling competitor

-2007 Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships: Bronze in Adult Black Belt (Super Super Heavy weight class)
-2006 Pan American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships: Bronze in Adult Black Belt (Super Super Heavy weight class)
-2004 No Limits Submission Tournament: Superfight Champion
-1999 Rumble in the Ring: Superfight Champion



“What does a private lesson with a big name instructor cost these days? Most of them charge more than $100 per hour. For less than half of that cost you end up with two and an half hours of instruction and a reference that you can come back to again and again. This DVD is an extremely valuable resource for anyone wanting to improve their leglock game.”

Vlado Skrepnik






Vlado Skrepnik
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
Training partner of Denis Kang, a top MMA fighter

“Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, and whether you want to learn how to attack with leglocks or how to defend them, this DVD is a must have.”

Garett Davis

Garett Davis
Brazilian jiu-jitsu purple belt
Pro MMA fighter:

  • NFC Middle Weight Champion
  • King of the Cage Canadian Super Fight Champion
  • ECC Fight of the Night Winner
  • Elite F.C. Fight of the Night Winner
  • NFC Super Fight Champion X 2
  • RITC Super Fight Champion

BJJ & Freestyle competitor: 11 tournament gold medals


High Percentage Leglocks examines in sharp detail the elements of the straight foot (Achilles) lock, the toe hold, and the heel hook. If you couple High Percentage Leglocks with Stephan’s previous DVD, Dynamic Kneebars, you will have 90% percent of the material you will ever need to know about leg locks, and that is high percentage indeed!

Like other of his DVDs, High Percentage Leglocks is an organized, systematic, examination of one particular aspect of grappling. Stephan breaks down all the key details for each of the leg attacks. He shows what to do with your arms, your hips, your legs. He shows how to counter escapes. He shows how to control and finish each attack from at least five common positions. And he shows how to combine the different attacks. That is a lot of information. This DVD will keep you with plenty to work on for a while.

Grapplearts has been at it awhile now and it really shows in quality production and presentation of their products. Stephan is obviously very knowledgeable on leg locks as it comes through in his detailed explanations and knowledge of progression. One thing that sets Stephan Kesting apart is his frankness about the efficacy of whatever it is he is teaching; if something isn’t high percentage, he says so.

If you want to know the leg attack game get High Percentage Leglocks and Dynamic Kneebars and you will have access to a black belt level of knowledge on the subject.

This is the best material on leg attacks I know of: I highly recommend High Percentage Leglocks.

Ed Beneville




Ed Beneville
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
Active competitor in the California BJJ scene
Author of ‘Passing the Guard’, ‘The Guard’, and ‘The Strategic Guard’



“Trust me, Stephan Kesting knows his leglocks!

Denis Kang

Denis Kang
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
One of the world’s top middle-weight MMA fighters
Undefeated in 20 consecutive MMA fights prior to his split decision loss to Kazuo Misaki in the finals of the Pride Bushido Welterweight Grand Prix
Has fought in Pride, Pancrase, M-1 MFC, Spirit MC, AFC, TKO, WFF, IFC and many other events



“As a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-itsu, foot locks have always eluded me. For every leg lock that I saw, someone else would show me 2 or 3 other variations. Thus, in the past, I have found leg locks to be confusing and difficult to decipher.

Stephan Kesting’s new foot lock instructional video is clear, logical and easy to follow. The secret behind Stephan’s comprehensive teaching style is his capacity to see the underlining universal principles common among all the different leg locks.

The different variations on each technique are demonstrated as permutations of the principles. By basing his teachings on principles, Stephan encourages the viewer to first master the principles, and then use all the variations of the principles as avenues for creativity and innovation.

I recommend Kesting’s High Percentage Leglocks instructional DVD without reservation.”

Ritchie Yip





Ritchie Yip
Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt
Head Instructor, Infighting Martial Arts



Wow! Stephan Kesting has outdone himself once again! I have a large instructional grappling DVD collection and can truly say that the material on this DVD is great – it’s not just a collection of techniques but strategies as well, with action speed and live footage showing Stephan using the same material he teaches (which is refreshing). Everything is organized in a step by step progression with great attention to detail. It’s the finer points that he touches on which will make your leglock game that much better!

I was never a big fan of leglocks and now I know why: it is because I have been doing them the wrong way all this time. After watching this DVD it was if a thousand light bulbs went off at the same time: everything from the placement of the heel of the foot, to escapes, and to the correct body posture. It was a real eye opener to say the least. If you liked Stephan’s other DVDs then this one will blow you away!

Keith Curtis
Recreational grappler
2 years grappling experience



“Most of my prior leg lock attempts ended up with me getting reversed, then ground & pounded. After only a couple of days of working with the video, I was able to set up my leg locks properly, learn how to finish them, incorporate them into my sparring and start tapping people out.

Liz Posener





Liz Posener
MMA record: 6-3-1
Muay Thai record: 2-1
Multiple wins in BJJ and submission wrestling, competing in the Men’s division




“Stephan continues his trend of providing top-shelf DVD instructionals. Clear and concise teaching, excellent production quality and a focus on fundamentals that students at all levels of the grappling games need to know. Thanks Stephan, I will be recommending this set to all of my students and friends.”

Mike Sweeney




Mike Sweeney
Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt
Head Instructor at the Martial Arts Planet School
Shotokan karate blackbelt
Combat Submission Wrestling associate instructor
Certified Muay Thai kickboxing instructor



“Stephan Kestings High Percentage Leg Locks DVD delivers on many levels. Technically, his knowledge is vast, integrating influences from older grappling styles as well as BJJ and submission wrestling. The perspective Stephan offers is both seasoned and honest, including recommendations for safe training practices, drills, and when to emphasize leg locks (or dialing them back) as your game develops.

His organization of knowledge is first rate, showing the heirarchy of techniques during leglock duels, and the specific anatomical structures affected by those submissions. The toe holds section was fantastic and is my favorite part of the DVD. Highly recommended for those serious about knowing their most important options for lower body submissions.

Roy Dean


Roy Dean

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
Kodokan judo black belt
Aikikai Aikido black belt
Seibukan jujutsu black belt
Editor of the E-Journal of Jujutsu
Active BJJ competitor


“Armbars and chokes are not enough these days…you have to know the leglock game and I don’t know of any video out there that covers it better than this one!” This is a well planned and demonstrated instructional DVD, and that is why Stephan’s videos are among my favorites.”

Dan Wallen




Dan Wallen

Co-host of “The Fightworks Podcast”
Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt
Official instructor at, and co-owner of, Fightworks Relson Gracie Academy



“Damn. I got my copy. This is a good video. Real good.

My first viewing pulled together some underlying principals that I had been missing – it sorted through conflicting advice from different instructors and DVDs. It was all made coherent through Stephan’s attention to the underlying details that make these attacks work. I feel pretty confident that these principles alone are going to increase my success rate dramatically with foot attacks. Especially since I was footlocking people like crazy last night.

This DVD is classic grapplearts product – everything you need to take your technique to the next level, and no filler. Explanations are solid, clear, and honest. I like the no bs approach – if he thinks it is low percentage he says so, and if two different approaches are equally valid but with different pros and cons, he says that too.

I’m not going to do a chapter-by-chapter breakdown, but I will say that the counter’s and recounters section is pure gold. It works equally well as a primer on how to defend yourself against foot attacks, and advanced finishing school on how to lock them down and make them work against an opponent who knows something, and is throwing in the kitchen sink to defend. Last night I won a footlock war due 100% to things I saw in this section.

The DVD is also good $/usable material value – over two hours long with no filler. I found it super watchable – I watched the first 1.5 hours in a single sitting (I usually burnout/overload on instructionals after 20-30 min).

Anyway, absolutely one of the top DVDs in my collection.”

Bjorn Weeks
19 year martial art veteran
Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt



The material and presentation are incredible. Really great job done by Stephan. It’s a very comprehensive look at the main leg locks in grappling.”



Andreh Anderson

Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt
BJJ Instructor

Crack the leglocking, order HIGH PERCENTAGE LEGLOCK!

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