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Calgary MMA Fight Club

BJJ Sub grappling MMA Grappling

Instructor: Anderson Goncalves

Instructor's teachers: Jake Sosa Hirsch, Adam Laporte, Rene Grenon, Jay Whitford, Keegan Hanning and Chad Sawyer

School Location:We are located at: 1133 17th Avenue NW - Hoffman Centre Bldg. (Basement Floor) [Use east side door and down the stairs] Phone: 403-554-2813 E-mail: or , Calgary, Canada, T3C 3A2

Contact Information:
Ph: 403-554-2813

 Calgary Fight Club is a unique training centre located in the heart of Calgary. We have over 2100 square feet of Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Women's Self-Defense, Submission wrestling, Muai Thai and Pankration.