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Crossroads Academy of Martial Arts, LLC

Sub grappling MMA Grappling

Instructor: Tom Weissmuller

Instructor's teachers: Christopher Petrilli (Eskrido-Pangamot-kali-silat); Cacoy Canete (Eskrido / Pangamot / Eskrima); Hope Brown (Silat / Pangamot / Eskrido); Andrew Szarka (Kickboxing-Submission Grappling / Pankration / Taekwondo); Ron Robles (Kempo-Latosa Eskrima); Tom

School Location:391 Norwich-Westerly Rd., North Stonington, USA, 06359

Contact Information:
Ph: 8605728100`

 We train youths and adults to compete in submission grappling, knock-down karate, and jiujitsu gi competition; we instruct on the traditions and etiquette of Japanese and Filipino jujutsu / pangamot. We train adults in eskrido and MMA for competitio