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Austin Submission Fighting

Modified Shooto / Sub. Grappling / MMA

Instructor: Bryan (Diabo) Evans

Instructor's teachers: Mestre Rodrigo Zerlotti (Capoeira) BJJ Black Belt William Vandry (BJJ), Sensei Nick Juarez (American Karate), Sensei Joe Gonzalez (Tae Kwon Do / Shootfighting) Sifu Gary Dill (JKD), Robbi Rabadi (Muay Thai), Master Barrowitz (Hapkido)

School Location:2701 A Alcott Ln., Austin, USA, 78748

Contact Information:
Ph: 512-431-2458

 I have developed my own personal curriculum based on the arts I have and are currently studying. Modified Shooto is uniquely my own, and is constantly evolving as I and my students evolve. I will always keep the true spirit of Shooto.