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SifuSamirs Combat Reaction

BJJ Sub grappling MMA Judo Sambo Grappling

Instructor: Samir Seif

Instructor's teachers: Alex Andrews Larry scott Dominic McKenna Ronald Beers Robert Krantz Lamar m Davis Sunny Tang Stan Zolikis Pedro Varrio Masaood Shahada Fawuz Mansoon Andrei Sososonovich Christopher Hader Scott Little Buzz Goesmann Jim Flood Andrew Mys

School Location:1619 main st east, Hamilton, Canada, l8k1p4

Contact Information:
Ph: 905-730-5902`

 A combative/hybrid approach with centerline theory applied to standup upper and lower striking and trapping;the 7 skills of wrestling applied to standing submissions and throws-takedowns,with the 5 ground fundamentals of pins and reversals from Shoot

Website: Sifusamirscombatreaction/msn/