A Closed Guard Pass Direct From Brazil

Gordo Closed Guard Pass

I’m in the middle of trying something new at Grapplearts.com…

The lion’s share of the BJJ videos in the article and technique section of this site have been produced by yours truly (Stephan Kesting).

But recently one of my very first BJJ training partners also wanted to contribute some cool footage to the video vault.

You see, my friend Mark Mullen was recently in Brazil. While he was there he trained at several different BJJ schools, both in regular classes and by taking private lessons even though he was already a black belt.

Here comes the cool part…

He asked, and was given permission, to film some parts of these private lessons so that the Grapplearts readership (you guys) could benefit from them too.

I’m calling this new series of Youtube videos ‘Grapplearts Field Reports.’  The idea is to share interesting techniques, tips and training methods from master grapplers all around the world.  The first instalment of those videos is below.  It features the bread and butter closed guard pass of the man who originated the modern half guard, Roberto ‘Gordo’ Correa.

Before we get to the video itself I should point out that this is the first in a series. There’s more cool stuff coming, including some of Gordo’s patented half guard wizardry.

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Now, on to the first video in the Grapplearts Field Reports series.  Here’s Gordo showing his bread and butter closed guard pass!

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