A Dirty Boxing Breakdown


This is a video from the archives that I shot with my friend and training partner at Infighting MMA in downtown Vancouver.

Infighting has since moved into a much nicer, larger facility, but the information in this video is still 100% valid. It’s all about the ‘dirty boxing’ techniques that are technically illegal in boxing but still end up deciding fights all the time.

It kind of reminds me of the Filipino Panantukan taught by Dan Inosanto. Which isn’t surprising really, because there was a lot of cross pollination between the Filipino martial arts and boxing, especially earlier in the 20th century, and especially in the lighter weight divisions.

Finally a lot of this stuff translates directly to MMA. Except in MMA, unlike in boxing, it’s completely legal.

If you enjoy boxing but aren’t a fanatical aficionado then you’ll probably find that this video opens your eyes to some of the subtle but important aspects of the sweet science.


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