A Glossary of Guards 2.0

Glossary of Guards BookThere are many different types of guards in BJJ.  And keeping track of all the different variations and terminology can really be confusing, even for practitioners who’ve been training for quite a while.

But help has arrived!

This is a digital copy of the updated ‘Glossary of Guards’ book written by Elliott Bayev and myself.

It breaks down all the most common styles of guard for you with pictures and written descriptions.

And it’s 100% free.

To grab it for your files just right click this link to download this book.  Then select ’Save As’ (for PC) or ‘Save Link As’ (for Mac) from the drop-down menu that appears to save the file to your chosen folder on your hard drive.


Stephan Kesting

P.S. I hope you enjoy the book that you can download at the link above. But there’s more on this topic if you want it…

You see, not all guards are created equal.  Some guards are more offensive, and others are more defensive. Some are suited only for certain builds and require specific physical attributes, whereas other types of guard can be used effectively grapplers of almost every type of body type.

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