A Jedi Mind Trick for Passing Butterfly Guard

Passing the Guard

This butterfly guard pass doesn’t require athleticism, speed or killer grips; instead this guard pass is all about the timing.

To have great timing you either need to have super-fast reflexes to react to your opponent, OR you have to ‘train’ your opponent to give you a certain energy so you can anticipate it and have your response already waiting for him.

This second approach – training your opponent to move a certain way and then set a trap for him – is much easier and makes you look like a timing god!

The cool thing is that the exact same principle can be used to make many other attacks and guard passes work!

Here’s a video showing you exactly how to set up this kind of trap for your opponent:

P.S. The video above deals with passing the butterfly guard. But if you’re wondering about what you can and should do from the bottom of butterfly guard then I suggest starting with my video about the Most Powerful Sweeping Position in BJJ

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