A Sneaky Armbar Escape

sneaky armbar escape

The armbar escape in the video below is one of my favourite armbar defenses. I like it because it’s simple and effective against a wide variety of grapplers, but also because of the reaction it gets from people who were oh-so-close to armbarring you.

They’ll either laugh or swear out loud after you get out; either reaction is pretty gratifying!

I learned this from MMA trainer and former Shooto champion Erik Paulson at a seminar. As soon as he showed it to me I knew I had to incorporate it into my own defensive repertoire. And it’s saved my butt on the mats many, many times.

The main time you’ll use this escape is when he’s hooking your arm with ONE of his arms. If he has your arm locked up in a figure-four – using both of his arms to tightly control your arm – then you can’t really use it. But any other time that he’s going for an armbar this sneaky escape is worth trying. If you do nothing you’re gonna tap. If you try this technique then you have a pretty decent chance of getting out. So give it a try!

P.S. If you’re looking for other defences and escapes against submissions that would otherwise end the match check out my ‘Submission Defense’ app. It has a ton of material on it and is very reasonably priced (only $3.99).


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