A Very Last-Ditch Kimura Defense

There is a slightly wacky Kimura (chickenwing) defense that has saved my butt several times recently. I haven’t seen it described anywhere else, so I thought I’d share it with you this week. If you don’t know what the Kimura armlock is you can see some examples in this article here.

Suppose that your opponent has you in side control; he is on your right side and is attacking your left arm with a Kimura. He has the grip and has broken your other defenses – all he needs to do now to apply the lock is to slightly move your arm into a new position and you will be tapping. One last thing you can do to defend your arm is to bridge your hips up a little bit and bring your other arm (your right arm) behind your own back and clasp your hands together. Now you have the power of two arms fighting his two arms, and maybe, just maybe, you won’t get tapped out.

From this position several things can happen. Sometimes he struggles for a while, gets bored and tries something else. Sometimes you survive in this same stalemated position until the end of the match. Sometimes he figures out how to apply the Kimura anyhow and you tap; I never said it was a high-percentage defense, just something you can use when everything else has failed!

I have successfully used this defense from the bottom of side control, as well as both the bottom and the top of half guard. It would probably work in other positions as well. If it works for you, even once, then it was worth your while to read this tip.

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