A Weird Dilemma…


I recently sat down and figured out which of my articles I got the most feedback from.  Here’s another article that I’ve received a LOT of feedback on. Back in 2004 I was asked a very interesting question about grappling endurance by someone I’ll call ‘Fred.’

Here was the problem in a nutshell…

Fred could roll for a very long time when he was sparring people more experienced than himself.  But against newbies – who are supposedly much easier to deal with – he would quickly gas out and end up completely exhausted.

Can you guess what the underlying problem was?

We ended up working together and pretty much solved the problem.  A short while later he even won his division in NAGA!

Click here to read the whole story, including the surprisingly simple solution!

P.S.  For some strange reason most of the comments on my entire blog recently disappeared (and I don’t think they’re coming back anytime soon).  So you’ll just have to take my word for it that people have found this post useful!

But hopefully Facebook is done messing around with my blog comments, so feel free to leave comments and feedback at the bottom of the article!

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