Advanced No Gi Control and Crushproofing Your Bottom Game App


This is the 14th app in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent series. It expands upon the strategies and techniques taught by Emily Kwok in previous apps but is also designed as a standalone product.

This series of apps give you the techniques and strategies you need to defend yourself against, and defeat, opponents much larger than yourself using the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Not all gi-based techniques translate very well to no gi.  But the reverse is not true.  Usually if something works in no gi then it probably does work with the gi too.  That’s because no gi techniques require structural solutions rather than a grip-based approach.

Structure works regardless of whether you’re going with or without the gi.  And this app – Advanced No Gi Control and Crushproofing your Botttom Game – is all about using the strongest natural structures of your body to correctly control your opponent and defend yourself.  That makes this the volume of the ‘How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent in No Gi’ series the one that’s most applicable to both gi and no gi.

It covers some incredibly important areas, especially what to do when you’re on the bottom and someone much bigger than you is trying to use all his weight to smear you into the ground.  In this app Emily shares some very effective strategies and adjustments you can make that will prevent you from getting smashed and keep you in the game in both gi and no gi!

In ‘Advanced No Gi Control, & Crushproofing Your Bottom Game’ you’ll learn how just because your opponent isn’t wearing a gi DOESN’T mean the entire match has to be a crazy scramble.

This app has two parts.  First you’ll learn how to safely control your opponent (and the entire match), even if he outweighs you by many pounds.

In this section Emily Kwok takes you through the best ways to achieve and maintain control over your opponent in no gi on the ground. This material builds and expands on what was taught in volume 11, the no gi gripfighting and takedowns app.

The techniques, concepts, adjustments, tricks and tips she shares here will definitely allow you to turn the tables on much bigger opponents on the ground, pinning them and keeping them in disadvantageous positions so that they can’t get away, roll you over or simply stand up.

Then in part two we cover the concepts and techniques of ‘crushproofing!’

In grappling things don’t always go according to plan, and from time to time you’ll inevitably end up in pinned on the bottom.  In bad positions.  By someone much heavier than you.

But just because you’re on the bottom DOESN’T mean that you have to be smothered by your opponent, or allow him to make it difficult for you to breathe.

There ARE adjustments you can make and techniques you can use that can get his weight off of you, give you some breathing room, and prevent him from stalling from the top for the rest of the match.

That’s why Emily finishes up by sharing many of her favorite techniques and strategies to become ‘crushproof’ and get back into the game when you end up on the bottom.


Emily is a multiple time BJJ world champion, both with and without the gi. She has studied with and learned from many of the top grapplers in the world.

Emily faces people bigger than her on the mats every single day, which has forced her to develop a streamlined and highly efficient approach to jiu-jitsu.  She has shared her techniques with thousands of grapplers of all levels at camps, seminars, and at her own school.

Stephan Kesting is a BJJ black belt, and a Combat Submission Wrestling instructor. He has been training in the striking, grappling, and weapons-oriented martial arts for over 30 years.

A master teacher, Stephan has helped thousands of grapplers improve their skills through his crystal-clear instructional apps, DVDs, online videos and articles at his flagship website


  • 1 hour and 10 minutes of solid, filler-free instruction
  • Every technique, strategy and training drill is focused on allowing you to survive and thrive while grappling against opponents much larger than you on the mats
  • All the footage has been professionally filmed and edited for maximum ease of learning
  • The app includes complete menus for easy navigation
  • You can create a list of your favourite techniques and drills using our one-click ‘favourite’ feature
  • The app is designed to download to your phone or iPad; an internet connection is NOT required to view the videos
  • The same app plays on both your phone and your tablet, so you don’t need to buy different versions for each type of device
  • BONUS: ‘The Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ is free to download with your purhase of this app!


Here are a couple of excerpts with some really good information for you from this app.

How to Stabilise Mount on a Bigger Opponent trying to Escape

Many smaller grapplers avoid the mount position because they feel it’s too easy for a larger opponent to simply throw them off or roll them to the bottom.  In this video Emily shares some of her secrets for maintaining the top position regardless of the size difference between you and your opponent.

Hidden Techniques for Maintaining Rear Mount

In this video Emily shares the tweaks and tricks she’s learned from Marcelo Garcia, master of the rear mount.


  1. Advanced No Gi Control
  2. Pummeling on the Feet
  3. Half Guard Pummeling
  4. Head and Arm Control
  5. Top Control Flow Drill
  6. Side Control to Mount
  7. Stabilizing the Mount
  8. Mount to Back Position
  9. Advanced Rear Mount Legwork
  10. Controlling the Turtle
  11. Crushproofing your Bottom Game
  12. Framing from Z Guard
  13. Framing for Reguarding
  14. Framing Escape from Mount
  15. Survival and Reguarding from Turtle
  16. Modified Barrel Roll from Turtle

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