Advanced Omoplata Armlock Finish

omoplata finish

Jiu-jitsu is so cool! As you might know, the omoplata armlock is one of my very favorite techniques. But even after 10 years of studying this position, I’m still learning new stuff about it…

Today I want to share a variation of the omoplata that I learned this summer workingwith Brandon Mullins. Of course this finish works great on larger people, but even though I’m 6’2′ and 215 lbs I’m gonna ‘hijack’ it and use it in my own game as well.

This 3:22 omoplata video provides powerful answers to a couple of common omoplata problems. Like what to do if a bigger, stronger opponent rolls forward to escape from your omoplata, and how to finish the omoplata if you end up ‘stuck’ on the bottom with your opponent resting his weight on you.

It’s really cool, check it out

Click here to see the same Advanced Omoplata video on YouTube!

Additional Resources

That video clip came from the Instant BJJ Gamechangers volume in the How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent Series 2, with Brandon Mullins.

This is an absolutely incredible resource for grapplers, especially those who sometimes have to deal with being manhandled and overpowered on the mats. It’s available as both as a series of apps for your phone or tablet, or as a professionally replicated 5 DVD set.


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