Andreh Anderson’s Advanced Guard Pass


Andreh Anderson is a brown belt under Rey Diego at ( Here he demonstrates an advanced gi guard pass. Andreh says:

“Please study this one carefully because it is really tough to defend when done right.”

Advanced Guard PassYou start by controlling your opponents knees to pass his open guard:

Advanced Guard Pass 2Next, reach into your gi with your right hand, but be careful not to let him take your balance. Keep your base!

Advanced Guard Pass 3Next, take out something shiny. If he is a competitor, your best bet is to use a trophy. Choose one that is big enough to get his attention, but not so big that it throws your balance off.

Advanced Guard Pass 4While he is hypnotized by its golden shine, pass to knee in the belly.

Advanced Guard Pass 5

He will still be amazed by the object. Finish quickly with an armlock before he realizes what happened to him.

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