Arm Behind the Back Guard Pass


Getting a handle, or a grip, on your opponent in MMA is not always easy. Here Denis uses an unusual grip both to control his opponent and remove one of his potential weapons from the equation.

Denis starts by pinning his opponent’s right
bicep and left wrist to the mat
Maintaining his grips he suddenly explodes up onto his
…and passes his opponent’s arm behind his back, to his
left hand. Denis now has a great opportunity to either pass
the guard or strike his opponent with his free (right) hand.
Close-up: in NHB there aren’t many solid grips to hold
your opponent, but this grip – holding his wrist behind his
back – is pretty reliable.
Keeping his behind-the-back grip he now pushes down on the
knee with his hand to open the guard…
…and cross-slides his left knee across the left thigh
He ends up in side mount with his opponent’s arm still
trapped – a great position!

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