Armdrag Adversity

The following question was submitted by a subscriber to the Grapplearts newsletter.

Q: Do you have any tips/entries to the arm-drag?

A: The arm drag is a great move (click here for an example of it at work).  It works best when his arms are stiff, and/or he is driving into you. Anything you can do to make him do either of those things will help set up the armdrag.

Try driving into him first – most guys will drive back or push you with their arms: voila!

Try grip fighting for wrist control – then hit the armdrag from there

Once in a while try hitting the armdrag with your right hand on his right tricep and your left hand controlling his left wrist – it makes it a lot harder for him to pull his arm out like that (at the cost of making it harder for you to move your hips)

Some guys are very tough to armdrag because they never give you the correct arm position or arm energy – not all techniques work on all people.

Finally, people who are very good at doing the armdrag don’t need the correct energy for long. Once they get their hand on your tricep they always seem to be able to complete the move, even though their opponent knows it is coming. Their hand is stuck to the tricep like a remora on a shark. This is something that is worthwhile trying to emulate and add to your own game.

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