Podcast EP9: Best Interview Ever? Ryan Hall Speaks his Mind


The Ryan Hall interview is ready, and it might be my best interrogation ever!

With more than 200 tournaments, countless superfights, and solid performances in the Mundials and ADCC Ryan is one of North America’s most successful and prolific grapplers.

As such he’s uniquely positioned to give a ton insight into the world of BJJ and submission grappling.

In this 58 minute interview Ryan shares:

  • His tips for dealing with competition nerves,
  • How his game has evolved over time,
  • Specific tips to lock on and finish the triangle choke (which was Ryan’s longtime signature move),
  • The components you need in order to have a ‘complete’ guard game,
  • What’s wrong with the 50-50 guard in BJJ,
  • How he’s structuring his training camp to get ready ADCC 2011,
  • And a lot more…

You listen to it, download it or read a transcript at www.grapplearts.com/ryanhall/index.php

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