Best Type of BJJ Guard for Beginners


Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro is a four time World BJJ Champion.  In MMA he held the welterweight title in Japanese Shooto.  And he has the Cage Rage lightweight championship belt proudly mounted on the wall too…

So I’d have to say he’s got some pretty solid credentials!

On a recent trip to the Big Apple I crawled out of bed at 5:00 am.  This was pretty brutal, especially because I was still partially on West Coast time, which meant that biologically I was getting up at 2 am.

Why was I getting up this early?

You see, before heading to the airport I wanted to take Shaolin’s 7:30 am BJJ class.  So after showering, eating and packing I dragged my butt to class.  But despite the early hour it was totally worth it!

First of all it was a great class.  We worked some cool guard passes and guard pass counters, and the sparring was fun too.

And then after training Shaolin talked about what kind of guard a BJJ newbie should work on first.  He also shared some very interesting drills, concepts and details that are important for ALL skill levels, from brand-new beginner to seasoned black belt.

This was super-cool stuff, and I thought it would be great material for you!  I grabbed my video camera and started filming.

Here’s a unique 10:36 video in which this World Champion shares his approach to teaching the guard to beginners:

Click here to view the same Best Type of Guard video on YouTube.

And while we’re on this topic, here’s a different article I published in Grappling Magazine a few years ago.  It breaks down four killer drills Shaolin uses to get ready for competition

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