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Roadmap for BJJ Book

A Roadmap for BJJ BookThe Roadmap for BJJ book is Stephan’s step-by-step system for learning BJJ as fast as possible.

It is a positionally-based approach to BJJ, so no matter where you find yourself on the mats you’ll always know what’s going on and what your next options are.

Every modern martial artist needs to have an understanding of grappling and basic competency on the ground, or else there is a giant hole in his game.

This book is your concise guide to learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as fast as humanly possible. 

In the Roadmap for BJJ you’ll get…
  • The six most important positions in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and how you can use them to dominate your opponents
  • A roadmap that tells you exactly what you should be doing next when you’re on the ground, regardless of whether you’re rolling with friends or competing a big tournament
  • The techniques you should concentrate on first, and a step-by-step guide to figuring out what the holes in your grappling game are and how to fix them
  •  The highest percentage submissions and escapes for each position
  • How to avoid asking stupid questions in class and how to maximize your results when training time is limited
  • Tips for avoiding injuries on the mat
  • Photos, tips, and tricks that’ll help you learn BJJ as fast as possible

This book is available as a PDF download on Grapplearts (click here to download for free) but if you prefer you can also get it in Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks or Kobo eBook format.


Glossary of BJJ Guards Book

a glossary of bjj guards book

The most important position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the Guard position.

Most fundamentally the Guard is a position where you are on your back and using your legs to manage distance, control your opponent, and defend yourself.

A working knowledge of the Guard position is absolutely essential for self defense, because if you’re on the bottom in any other position you’re definitely losing the fight. The Guard is the tool you need in order to survive being on the bottom long enough to figure out another way to win the fight.

For skilled grapplers, however, the Guard transforms from a purely defensive tool to an offensive weapon they can use to win the fight from the bottom.

The Guard gives you many options to control you opponent so thoroughly he can never launch his own effective offence. Or to sweep him so that you end up on top and now he’s the one on bottom in a terrible position. Or to finish the fight by submitting him with a variety of chokes, armlocks and leglocks.

The problem with the Guard is that it is a very diverse position. There are many different versions and variations, not all of which work in every context and for every body type.

A Glossary of the BJJ Guard by Stephan Kesting shows you all the most common variations of the Guard position, explaining where and when each position is most useful.

Never be lost when it comes to the BJJ Guard – download this book today and start figuring out how to win fights, matches and sparring sessions from the bottom!

C0-written with Elliott Bayev of Spider Guard Masterclass fame.

Available in Amazon Kindle, or Apple iBooks format (Kobo coming soon).

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