BJJ, Judo, MMA and Brazil – a Black Belt Podcast Chat with Jeff Meszaros


This is a fun conversation on my Grapplearts Radio Podcast about BJJ, Judo and MMA with Jeff Meszaros.  Jeff is one of the guys that I first started training in BJJ with 23 years ago.  The conversation goes off the rails a number of times, but here’s some of what we covered…

  • Self defense applications of BJJ
  • Russian team MMA events
  • Judo, BJJ and the early days of the Uncle Willy’s Grappling Association
  • The joys and hazards of learning BJJ in Brazil
  • The evolution of BJJ (and how we got to double guard pulls)
  • Why describing BJJ as ‘Male Pyjama Wrestler’ tends to give people the wrong idea
  • And much more…

This conversation was podcast episode 45 on the ‘Grapplearts Radio Podcast‘, which you can find on three main podcast platforms below…

  1. Grapplearts Radio Podcast on iTunes
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  3. Grapplearts Radio Podcast on Soundcloud

Or you can also just click play on the Youtube video below…

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