BJJ Self Defense Part 1: Proximity, Panic and Claustrophobia


This might be a bit controversial but BJJ IS A MARTIAL ART!

That means it’s a fighting method, used for stopping (and possibly hurting) people who are intent on doing you serious harm.

Sure, it’s also a fantastic sport, a fitness method, and a way to challenge yourself. I enjoy it for all those aspects too. But being able to take care of business in the street comes first.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones has to be number one.

Knowing the basics of using BJJ when there are bad intentions and/or flying punches is much more important than working that crazy transition from inverted guard to triangle choke.

That’s why a friend and I shot some short videos about BJJ and self defense that I’m now going to start sharing with you.

This first video is about an under-appreciated, but very important, aspect of training. Training this could make a huge difference in a self defense situation, but it might not be what you think…

Check it out:

P.S. This is important stuff to know, ESPECIALLY for non-grapplers, so please feel free to share this info by using the social icons at the top and bottom of this post.

P.P.S. We freaked out some locals while filming this – keep an eye out for the dude who did a double take when he saw two big  guys rolling around on the pavement together.

P.P.P.S. If you’re new to the BJJ game – say you’ve been training for less than 2 years – and want to get good fast then download my FREE book, A Roadmap for BJJ. Between the info in the book and the tips I’ll send you by email I guarantee that you’ll put together the pieces of the puzzle much faster than you would have on your own.

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