BJJ Self Defense Part 2: Escaping the Mount


The first time I ever saw the Mount position was during a schoolyard fight in grade one. One kid pushed the other kid to the ground, climbed on top, sat on his chest in the classic bully position, and then absolutely dominated the fight. He punched and slapped and taunted the other kid who was completely unable to do anything about it until the fight was broken up by the teachers.

The kid on the bottom wasn’t too badly hurt in the end, but only because it’s hard for grade 1 punches to do much actual damage.

The take-home lesson was clear though: he who maintains the Mount wins!

Every UFC features one or several MMA fights won by fighters raining punches and elbows down onto their mounted opponents. Unfortunately for the guy on the bottom these are grown-up punches with devastating grown-up power, so some real damage can result.

Countless BJJ and submission grappling matches have been decided by one fighter maintaining the Mount position long enough to score those four magic points.

And even after all these years since I was in grade one it’s still a terrible place to be in a fight, whether in the schoolyard brawl or a down-and-dirty streetfight!

Today’s video is all about the Mount and why it’s so great for the person on top (and such a critical critical position to escape quickly when you’re on the bottom).

Here’s a bit of what we cover:

The three reasons why striking someone from the mount gives you a totally unfair advantage,

  • Why you shouldn’t rely on ‘dirty tricks’ to get out of this position
  • How to stop your opponent from punching you when he’s mounted on you
  • A breakdown of one of the highest percentage mount escapes in BJJ

It’s only 3 1/2 minutes long, so watch the video below right away:

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