BJJ Training Strategies

Breaking down the concept of gameplans

Having the right assortment of techniques is pretty darn important in BJJ. But having the right training strategies is even more important…

By ‘training strategies’ I’m talking about the big picture. Like knowing which techniques to use, when to use them, and how to correctly train those techniques in the first place.

Things can really backfire if you do the right technique at the wrong time. Or if you spend all your energy training some aspect of your game that you never end up using…

That’s why in today’s tip I want to help answer three important ‘big picture’ questions about BJJ training:

1. “What’s the best mindset for competition?  Should I have a concrete plan, or is it better to ‘free-style’ and see what my opponent gives me?”

Great question.

There’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to go into a competition!

Here’s the answer:

To see this same video on the Power of Having a Gameplan on YouTube, click here!

2. “What can I do to get better if I can’t make it to class as often as I would like?”

This is a very common problem.  Very few people can train all day, and as we become older our responsibilities usually start threatening to crowd out our discretionary leisure time activities (like BJJ, for example).

But the funny thing is that even athletes at the very top of their sport feel the same way.

Elite athletes want to get to get a leg up on their competition, but their ability to train is also ultimately limited by time, energy, training partners, and ability to recover.

So everybody wishes they had more time to train…

…but the good news is that you don’t always have to do physical training to get better!  Mental training is used my most elite athletes for a good reason: because it works.  And you can use the exact same methods when your life and your work take you away from the dojo!

Here, from the no-gi Q&A files, are some concrete tips on continuing to improve even when you can’t make it to class:

Click here to check out the same video on YouTube of How to Get Better at Grappling.

3. “How can I get tapped out less often?”

Here’s a funny thought: people drill their offense, but almost never drill their defense.

This is a huge mistake – you don’t want to end up being at brown belt level in attacking with the armbar, but only at blue belt level in defending the armbar!

Find out how to train your defense properly below:

To see the same video of How to Train Defense on YouTube, click here!

The videos and techniques above are a tiny selection from the best-selling Grapplearts instructional How to Defeat the Bigger, Stronger Opponent, Series 2, with 2 time World No-Gi champion Brandon Mullins.  I highly recommend that you check it out if you want some techniques, drills, strategies and gameplans all designed to deal with opponents who are larger, stronger, and bigger than yourself!

Stephan Kesting


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