BJJ Video Tips for Beginners

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In the spring of 2009 I asked my readers to send in video tips to help BJJ beginners. The idea was to augment and complement the work I’m doing with the site.There were a lot of responses, on a variety of topics including tips, techniques, principles and training methods. I was particularly happy to see the diversity of the videos. As you can see, some were highly produced, and some are raw.

Some tips were submitted by experienced instructors, and others by people with just a few months in the art. This diversity just goes to show that there is no such thing as an ‘average’ grappler.

I’ve found out over and over again that something which is completely obvious to one person can be a totally new revelation to another person.That’s why every video here is helpful, and is bound to help a new grappler somewhere in the world.

My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to this project (your tips will help a lot of new grapplers)!

Stephan Kesting

THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO participated in this project

(your tips will help a lot of new grapplers)

Stephan Kesting

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