Blocking Headbutts in the Guard

Blocking headbutts from the bjj guard

As I’ve said many times before, BJJ is a fantastic sport and fitness activity but at it’s core IT’S A MARTIAL ART.

And that means you have to keep an eye on how this stuff would work in a real fight.

Someone recently asked me what you can do to prevent getting knocked out if someone on top of you is trying to headbutt you into oblivion.

Good question.  It’s an important topic: before they were outlawed in MMA many fights were significantly affected by headbutts.  They’re a dangerous and bloody tool that you have to have an answer for!

Here are two videos on the topic…

The first specifically addresses blocking and preventing headbutts in the guard:

The next clip is the one I refer to at the tail end of the headbutt defense video, namely how to adapt the BJJ guard to deal with punching and striking in a self defense or MMA context:

The guard is essentially a tool for managing distance and movement on the ground from the bottom.  And distance management is the key to defending everything from headbutts, to punches, to guard passes.

Getting good at strike defense will help your guard in general.

And it will also keep all your teeth in your head, which is always a good thing!

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