Fixing Bad Backs in BJJ

fixing bad backs in bjj

Last week I listed the treatments used, and practitioners consulted, in my quest for a pain-free lower back. What I want to highlight this week are the actual treatments that made a difference. I mention that there were a lot of treatments I tried that work well for other people but didn’t work for me. For example acupuncture, although it has helped several people that I know, has never worked … [Read more...]

Shoulder Injury Rehab for Grapplers

shoulder rehab

Shoulder injuries are fairly common in grappling. Most often they are the result of an overzealous Kimura (chicken wing) or Americana (V arm lock) attack, but shoulders can also get damaged by other techniques, such as throws and sweeps. While it is entirely possible that you may never have a shoulder injury, the odds of someone in your training group getting injured this way are fairly … [Read more...]