Clark Gracie Shares Some Rear Naked Choke Tips

Clark Gracie RNC

I recently did a podcast interview with Clark Gracie at a friend’s house.  After the interview we were talking about the rear naked choke and I realised two things: A) my friend had mats, and B) I had a camera in the car.

This was a great opportunity to pick his mind some more, so we quickly set up shop and Clark shared some really great tips about setting up and amplifying the power of the rear naked choke,  (or ‘Mata leão’ in Portugese).

Check out Clark’s RNC tips in the 3 minute video below:

The rear naked choke is probably the most powerful, most effective, and most important choke in all of grappling.  Which is why I’ve written quite a few articles about it, all of which you can read by following this link of articles about the rear naked choke on

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