Classical Ju-jutsu Choke


Most of the techniques used in modern grappling were used in some other form in some other grappling art first.  Here’s how the Rear Naked Choke might have looked back in the day…

(This technique is from the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on

Alex kneels over his downed opponent.
His opponent starts to sit up, hoping to get to his feet or to reach for a nearby weapon
Alex places his knee in the spine and shoots his right arm past his
opponent’s head.
He places his right palm on his left bicep…
…and applies the sleeper hold (known as Ura Eri). Note how his head is turned to avoid potential attacks to the eyes.
This is one of several techniques illustrating the differences between Classical Japanese Ju-Jutsu and modern grappling from the article Submission Grappling Vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu; When Cultures and Concepts Collide

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