Classical Ju-jutsu Leglock


Classical Japanese Ju-Jutsu included leglocks as well as armlocks and chokes. The details of how the technique were applied were a little different however…

(This technique is from the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on

Alex ties up with his opponent, gripping pressure points at the elbow and in the neck.
Alex throws his opponent to the floor and maintains control over him.
Alex parries his opponent’s kick with a circular clockwise sweep of his right arm.
Alex circles his arm and traps the attacker’s leg in his right armpit.
Alex grabs his own forearm with his left hand and leans back, locking his knees tightly around the opponent’s right knee.
Leglock (known as Ashi Zaru) detail – this leglock is applied to a pressure point at mid-calf, by grinding the forearm backwards and upwards into the leg.
Alex kicks his right leg upwards…
He now drops a heel strike into his opponent’s groin to finish the encounter.

This technique is part of the Submission Grappling vs. Classical Ju-Jutsu article on

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