Closed Guard Sweeps

by Andreh Anderson

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closed-guard-sweeps-DVDClosed Guard Sweeps was produced by my friend Andreh Anderson who is a competitor and a BJJ black belt under Rey Diogo from the Carlson Gracie Team. He’s trained in Brazil, and with many top competitors in BJJ and MMA. In other words, he’s totally legit.

Closed Guard Sweeps is his compendium of advice, tricks, tips and techniques from the closed guard. Andreh recently moved to Brazil, but before he left I snapped up all his remaining stock of this awesome DVD because I thought it would provide immediate and tangible benefits to my readers.

Andreh is a cool, level-headed guy. So if you’re looking for lots of swearing, yelling, screaming death-metal background music, and flashy low-percentage techniques then this ISN’T the DVD for you…

But if you’re looking for calm, clear, precise instruction on effective and high percentage BJJ closed guard techniques then this is the best resource on the closed guard that I’ve seen to date.

Disclaimer: This is a BJJ-oriented product. If you mainly do MMA and/or submission grappling then you’ll still get some good value out of it IF you’re willing to put up with some gi-reliant techniques here and there. However if you train at all with the gi then it’s full of material that’s immediately applicable in your sparring, training and competition!

This Closed Guard DVD is just under two hours long and features more than 35 techniques, drills and variations.

But there’s a lot more to this DVD than just plain old techniques. Some of the highlights include:

  • How to maintain your closed guard as long as you need to, and use much less energy than your opponent so that he tires himself out.
  • Six drills to make your closed guard attacks smooth and instinctive.
  • How to set up your grips and attacks while staying one step ahead of your opponent.
  • A simple adjustment that relieves almost all the pressure on your ankles and makes it ten times harder for anyone to pass your closed guard.
  • Subtle yet effective tricks used by high level black belts to keep their opponents off-balance and on the defensive.
  • Small adjustments and critical details you need to know for popular sweeps that can blast through all attempts to shut them down.
  • The specific hip movements you need to master to take the closed guard from a stalling position to an effective submission and sweeping platform.
  • A simple cue that gives you the exact timing for sweeping your opponent and putting you on top of him in the mount position.
  • How to take your opponent’s guard pass attempts and turn them against him.
  • How to trick your opponent into giving you the perfect position for the clock choke, and a variation that eliminates almost all of the time you’d normally spend fumbling for your grips.
  • How to control the transition from closed guard to open guard by taking away your opponent’s ability to scramble past your guard using his speed and athleticism.
  • Easy-to-follow steps for sweeps used by world-class grapplers at the highest levels of competition.
  • How to set up your opponent so that his instinctive reactions actually amplify the power of your sweeping attacks.
  • How to strip your opponent’s grips from your body, destroy his posture and then move effortlessly to the rear mount.
  • The mindset you need to have to force your opponent to give you large and easy-to-take-advantage-of opportunities.
  • Sweeping and submission combinations that leave your opponent with the choice of either getting pinned on the bottom, or tapping out to a match-ending submission.
  • The number one thing you should be doing to take your opponent’s back from the closed guard.
  • Tweaks to ‘basic’ techniques that make them work even against tough, canny and determined opponents.
  • A Jedi mind-trick that controls the way your opponent will try to pass your guard. Once you know this you can anticipate his next step, shut it down and effectively counter-attack without needing killer reflexes.
  • Sneaky ways to take your opponent’s back, even if he has answers for your first, second or even third move in your attack sequence.
  • How to make your techniques so automatic that you attack the instant your opponent gives you an opening, not wasting time by thinking about what to do next…
  • Andreh’s highest percentage choke that he relies on when he really wants to turn the heat up and tap someone out.

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