Combining the Thai Clinch With The Double Leg Takedown


Today’s goodie is a report written by my online friend John Will, discussing how to combine the deadly Muay Thai clinch position with the double leg takedown (arguably the highest percentage takedown in MMA).

Mixed martial arts is all about mixing different fighing styles. Think of building a fight game that mixes Wanderlei Silva’s deadly clinch ’em and knee ’em game with the super fast takedowns of Georges St. Pierre. That would be a TOUGH game to beat, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, you can download that 5 page report on combining the Thai clinch with double leg takedown, completely for free, just by right-clicking and selecting “save” on the following link:

And if you still want more material from John then check out what he has to say about the most important aspects of the double leg takedown.

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