Countering the Double Leg with a Sitout & Switch

Sitout and Switch

I respect most grappling arts, not just BJJ.  Freestyle and collegiate wrestling, in particular, have a lot to offer to submission grapplers and BJJ practitioners.  Obviously we can get a lot of good throws and takedowns from wrestling, but we can also ‘steal’ some very powerful moves on the ground as well.

One of these techniques is called the ‘switch.’

The first time I ran into the switch was incredibly frustrating.  Years ago I was sparring with a wrestler who was getting ready for an MMA fight.  Every time I came close to passing his guard he’d sit up, reach over my shoulder, and completely stalemate my guard pass using his arm.  This must have happened 5 times in the course of our sparring that day!

I know this move is effective, so today I’ve recruited Dave Scholten, 3 time Canadian wrestling champion, to take you through the technique.  In this 1:41 video Dave uses the switch as a counter to the double leg takedown in an MMA context, but you could use the exact same technique to stop a guard pass in submission grappling.

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