ESPN, I’m Sorry!


I think I owe ESPN an official apology!

2 weeks ago I released my second-ever podcast and it shot up the charts, eventually making the Grapplearts Radio podcast the number four podcast for the entire sports section of iTunes.
The only podcasts ahead of me were three ESPN shows. For a few days I’m sure that the top executives at ESPN were getting a bit worried that I was going to knock them out of top place.

I mean they probably spend tens of thousands of dollars producing these podcasts. Then along comes some little upstart, talking about pajama wrestling of all things, and threatens to upset their apple cart!

I’m very sorry, I never meant to cause the upper level management of ESPN this much stress ๐Ÿ˜‰

(If you missed it the podcast you can listen to it on this site at Everything Your Ever Wanted to Know About Competition But Were Afraid to Ask.)

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