Fancy Yet Effective: The ‘Shaolin’ Half Guard Sweep


Normally I advise against flashy techniques.  Generally speaking it’s rock solid basics and non-fancy fundamentals that win sparring sessions, tournament matches and MMA fights.

But I have to make an exception for this technique…

If you’re already semi-competent from the half guard position then the Shaolin Sweep might be something you want to add to your game.

First of all, the Shaolin Sweep really does work. It’s worked for Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro in the World Championships. It’s becoming more popular because it’s working for other grapplers both with and without the gi. And if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll even admit that Denis Kang caught me with it in an MMA sparring session many years ago.

Secondly, when your opponent gives you the correct energy and you get the timing just right then the Shaolin Sweep feels effortless. Your opponent will float and spin above you, you’ll pop up on top, and he’ll be left wondering what the hell happened.

It’s a wonderful feeling! Check out how to pull off the Shaolin Sweep below

Click here to see the same Shaolin Sweep video on YouTube.

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