Five Great Followups to a Failed Triangle Choke

Triangle Choke Combinations & Followups

The Triangle Choke is definitely another one of those Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu signature moves. It’s a super-powerful submission and it is responsible for ending a LOT of BJJ, MMA and submission grappling matches.

But the sad fact is that no submission works for everyone, or on every opponent all the time…

For example, sometimes your legs can be too short to apply an effective triangle choke. Alternately if your legs are really long then it can also be difficult to put sufficient pressure on his neck. Or your opponent can be too tough. Or his neck too strong. Or his veins and arteries too deeply buried. Or, or, or…

Not to worry though: here are five great followups you can use to still tap your opponent out should your first Triangle Choke attack fail.

In the video below I cover transitioning from the Triangle Choke to

  1. The Compression Wristlock (2 variations)
  2. The V Armlock
  3. The Triangle Armbar
  4. The Fist Choke
  5. The Omoplata armbar

Check it out:

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