Five Tricks to Tighten Up Your Sidemount

how to tighten up sidemount

There’s nothing worse than weathering the storm in someone’s guard, passing their guard by fighting your way past their legs, finally getting to sidemount, making one tiny mistake and then – boom – you’re back in their guard.

It’s tiring, demoralising, and leaves you open to getting swept or tapped out.

No!  After doing all that work you want to stay in sidemount, make them pay for giving you a hard time, and then tap them out!

That’s why I filmed a little video with five tricks to stop that from happening ever again!

If you’re new to BJJ then this might seem like a picky little area of sidemount to concentrate on.  But if you’ve been around the game for a while then you’ll know that the devil is in the details…

Check out some of those little details in this video here, I think they’ll be useful to you right away!

The best thing is that most of these adjustments DON’T require a ton of strength, energy or effort. They’re small movements that completely nullify some of the most common escape attempts. It’s one of those times in jiu-jitsu when a touch of science can overcome a ton of nature!

Click here to view the same 5 Tricks video on YouTube!

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The free video-based Roadmap app covers the big picture of BJJ, and comes with modules on the closed, open and half guard.

So you can check it out, see if you like it, and make sure that it works on your phone or tablet with absolutely zero risk.

Then, if you like what you’ve seen, you can purchase the other modules for a couple of bucks each (including one that covers the sidemount top and bottom positions in quite a bit of detail).

The purchasing of additional modules is completely optional, and even if you never do it you’ll still get a lot of value out of the basic app.  Which is probably why it’s rated 5/5 stars in reviews for both the iTunes store and the Google Play store.

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itunes and google play reviews for roadmap app

Note: this post was originally published in 2011, but was republished January 10th, 2016 with additional details and content.

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